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I just picked up the Nick Nitro today ($130 CAN after tax in Vancouver, used but still mint) and I think it's great!! Granted, the octaver isn't 'widely usable' but what octave is IMO? ;) It's the best octave pedal I've yet heard for getting that Hendrix higher-octave sound... so if that's what you're looking for, which I was, then it should be great for that along!
But the best thing is the fuzz... like a Big Muff but cleaner and better tone IMO! I put it through my Peavey Studio Pro and it shapens up the sound so much compared to some other distortion/fuzzes I've tried; even though its tonality is on the bassy end of things, it has very good definition. And if you put an EQ/enhancer after it, it'll be even more clear!
So yeah, I'd say try it a bit first, but I only played it for about 3 minutes at the store and that was enough for me!

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