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OT: Wiring up some speakers

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Ok, so I've got the 2x12 cab, the Governor is installed (not wired) and the Wizard should be here tomorrow. Both speaks are 16 ohm and I'm wiring in parallel for an 8 ohm total load. I think the cab was wired for 16 ohms previously - the "16 ohm" sticker on the back was a clue. :D


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That B&W wire is what I'm using to connect the speakers together to create a 'loop,' but I only have that one. I went to RadioShack and explained to the guy what I'm doing - he told me to get this and some terminals. Thing is, that B&W cable looks like its a single lead while the stuff he sold me is twin lead. Will it be safe wiring it this way or do I need some new wire? I should mention that I'm an uber noob at this junk, so any help would be appreciated. :wave:

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