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Vocal or multi use reverb / delay for live

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Hey guys, I know this is a little bit different as it seems we are always talking about guitar effects but I was wondering if you know any good effects units to run vocals through live. Really I am just looking for reverb and delay effects as I like a lot of kind of atmospheric stuff and I would like to be able to use delay live on my vocals.


It would be a plus if the effects unit could also be hooked up to use for as a guitar effect too but my main concern is that it can be used with vocals. Being able to control it with a footswitch if it is a rack unit (I'm guessing they usually are?) would be a plus too.


The vocalist in my old band had a multi effects unit that ran harmonies and compression, eq, reverb, delay, pitch shift etc but I am just looking for a really nice sounding delay / reverb unit for a low price. I know they can usually run these effects on a board at shows but I would like to be able to tweak the effects and adjust them for different songs / during a song. Which brings me to my next question... anyone who uses vocal effects processors live, is it usually a pain? It always seemed like venues didn't like setting up effects in the vocal signal at shows when I would play with my old band. A lot of the time they wouldn't even let us use the vocal processor because they would rather just run stuff on the board.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am really looking for a lower end item since I am paying for college atm (read ~$200 or less would be nice). Thanks :).

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