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LFO modulation in a dirt pedal

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We already have dirt pedals that self oscillate. Pedals that produce a sound other then your guitar note. An added LFO can move that oscillation around. Of course people have been using LFO's in their filters, chorus, and flanging to modulate their dirt pedals for decades.


LFO modulation in a dirt pedal may be the future of the electric guitar sound. An LFO, low frequency oscillator can modulate all or any part of the frequency spectrum of your guitar. You could have just the low frequencies rumble or shooting spikes of high frequencies modulate as you play. You could set up the pedal to be playing a tiny riff that will sound when you mute the strings. You jam along with your sound creation. An LFO in a dirt pedal is everything extra you could have.


My favorite dirt pedal with LFO is the 4MS Noise Swash. www.4mspedals.com


What dirt devices with LFO's do you use?

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