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Sensible pickup upgrade for an SG


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My main guitar is a cheap Epiphone SG, which has remained stock for over a year now, but I would like to upgrade the pickups. Although I have considered the tried and tested Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and Jazz 2 in the neck combination, I have seen this used so many times that I want to try something a little different.


Would it be a good idea to swap the bridge pickup for a Kent Armstrong Hot Rod, the neck pickup for a Kent Armstrong Vintage 12, and the middle pickup for a humbucker sized P90? I have had no experience with Kent Armstrong pickups, so would this give an improvement in sound that's worth the price?


I was also considering adding a coil tap to the two humbuckers. How much versatility would this give the guitar (that's to say - would I actually use it :p)?





Edit:Sorry - I posted this in the wrong forum

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