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2880 for recording?

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I've seriously been gassing for the 2880 just for looping, I'm starting to wonder if it might be a good recording solution as well.


I wanted to delay my purchase of the 2880 until after a decent recording solution (I was thinking the top of the line tascam 4-track tape recorder)


I recorded a demo with a low-end tascam borrowed from my friend. My main problem with the way that I recorded it was having to go one track at a time, which I felt detracted from some of the sheer rawness of some things. So I had to turn down the volume of my vocals, guitar, and bass so that I could hear what was going on in the headphones. Since the 2880 has full midi capabilities, I could tie the punch in of my drum machine to the 2880's recording. So that way I could do a live performance and record 1 track at a time without having bad timing problems and preserve more of the energy of the live performance. The instruments would probably leak a little bit into the track, but I don't think I'd care too much about that.


I'm going to buy the 2880 sooner of later anyways. It is just so sexy. It has everything I want in a looper.


The question is if I should skip buying a 4-track so I can get a 2880 sooner and use that to do the recordings I want to do.


pros of the 2880-

-midi punch in

-the way I would record with it would require me to borrow less mics

-killing 2 birds with one stone, saving me money



-no phantom power of mic pre-amp AFAIK, I'd have to borrow my friend's mixer

-digital, although I am not going to be putting them in an analog format for playback (tapes suck for that and vinyl is expensive to press) so the advantages of analog over digital are probably lost anyways

- can't record all tracks at once, so I won't be recording live shows with it like I would with the tascam since it will be on my board. I'd have to expand the memory to do more than one song at once anyways too.


Anyone with a 2880 want to give me some insight here?

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OK, for those of you interested, I emailed ehx.com and they said that the 2880 works with the 16 second delay controller.
Also they said the 2880 would be great for recording but it does lack pause, rewind, and fastforward, but since I have a drum machine, it remembers song position pointers so I could use that as fast-forward and rewinding.

However the 2880 does not respond to song change pointers. So if I recorded a 60 minute loop with 10 drum machine songs, it wouldn't know where to skip to based on the drum machine. :(. So if I wanted to do pre-recorded stuff, I'd have to have a bunch of separate compact flash cards, or I'd have to have to just get a midi synced tape recorder.

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