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SPAM: Ibanez, Rocktron, Danelectro, Behringer FX PEDALS

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I'm about to move and i'm cleaning out some of my pedals. All pedals are in great condition and come in original packageing with manuels.







Ibanez Ad-9 Reissue - $120 plus shipping

Brand New. used only a handful of times.


Rocktron Short Timer Digital Delay - SOLD!!!

Used. in very good condition no dents no scratches.


Danelectro Fab Metal - $10 Shipped

Used. in very good condition.


Danelectro Surf & Turf Compressor - $15 plus shipping

Brand New. played only once.


Danelectro Pedal Adapter - $10 plus shipping

Brand New Never Used. taken out of it's box only once to take the picture above.


Behringer V-Tone GDI21- $15

USED. in very good condition.

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