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Can the Yamaha DG Stomp damage the amp if not used properly?


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Hello people! Im new here and in desperate search of help regarding this situation...

I bought the Stomp about a few months ago from a friend. For two years or so I have been playing through a Marshall G50RCD amp (50w) and when I got the Stomp I tried connecting it as a preamp (through the fx send/return option) and Ive tried connecting it like a regular pedal and I found that better for the sound I was searching for. After about a month or two my amp started turning the volume up and down on its own. So I had this guy who works on amps check it out and he said that the transistor didnt work properly and he changed it. He replaced it with a new one and everything was ok for the next 2 months or so. During this time I thought that this problem had nothing to do with the Stopm. But the same thing happened about 3 weeks ago... So i borrowed a Fender FM65R (65w) amp from my friend about 10 days ago, and the same turning of volume up and down happened today on that amp. I thought that maybe the Stomp was manipulating the volume but when i connected the guitar directly into the amp the same thing happened...

If anyone has any ideas about what the problem could be or even better what the solution could be I would be very glad!

Thank you very much, and sorry for any spelling mistakes or bad english, Im from Croatia :)

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