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So if you guys would make the perfect noise/ambient experimental board....

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What would you put on it? No gain/boost pedals except for fuzz, unless you intend to put it in the loop of an effect like a keeley DD-3 or such. limit of 10 pedals, list in order of signal chain. Also bring into mind the pedal's footprint...you want something easily giggable and efficient in space. Don't worry about tuners. A looper counts as one pedal, no large multieffects allowed. Explain what the pedals are for unless its just general purpose (delay for general delays, etc.)


I'll start.



In front:


Boss PS-3

EH SMall stone

Skreddy Zero


In loop:



Ibanez Fl-9

Boss PS-3

Boss TR-2 (maybe one of the tap tempo trems out there)

MXR 10-band EQ (lo-fi sounds, etc)

Boss DD-20 (for hold/warp functions)..does the DD5 do this?

Line 6 DL-4

Line 6 Verbzilla

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