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Pod Xt Live Pedalboard


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I had the XT Live but never got along with it. I sold it to a friend who loves the POD's.


Now i'm doin a church gig every sunday for pay and need something to run direct into the PA. Well, to make a long story short, i heard the pedalboard version and tried it out. All the things i didnt like about the regular XT POD werent an issue on the Pedalbvoard version (mostly i didnt like needing a stand for it and not being able to read the small display.)


So the guy i sold the XT to said i should get the pedalboard version and use a JBL EON 10" powered monitor . Run two lines out, one to the pa direct and the other to the monitor for reference. Problem is..... IM BROKE! Whaaaaa! waaaaa!


Any other opinions or guys out there using them?

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