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need a pedalboard

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Right now in using a piece of wood as a pedal board, i dont have my pedals attached, but i can carry them much easier his way , think PIzza Guy (i was one for 2 years so i got some practice) but everything thin is so congested, and its pretty much full i need to get something that can fit the folowwing:




Ross Clone ( dont have yet)

Dod bi-fet preamp

Boss Ph-1 or Ph-2 (dont have yet)

phase 45 clone(dont have yet)

Boss Blues driver (dont have yet)

Monsterpiece Fnpnfuzz

Chorus pedal (dont have yet but i guess something like the dano cool cat they sound poretty good)

Dod FX96 analog delay

Boss DD-3

A-B/Y box (dont have yet)


Boss psm-5

EDIT: Fender Hot rod Footswitch

and a Power strip (would preffer it to be hidden)


Im pretty handy with wood so i guess i could build one with 2 stories.


are there decent boards out there 2 stoeris , around $100?

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usa83strat ,

If your handy with wood and would enjoy a small project...

I built mine and it's as good if not better than most offered via ebay.

Step 1:

3/4 plywood, to your dimensions (paint underside black)

Step 2:

Cover top with upholtery material of your choice using liquid adhesive which is applied with a cheap paint brush, I chose (near black grey) which i had left over from re upholstering my motorcycle seat.(i suppose tolex would work too, but may not be as durable. Wait to dry then go to step 3

Step 3:

Get the Metal U-joint cornering (like the type used for rack case edges but in the shape of a U, not an L obviously ), I got mine at the local hardware store. Cut to size, (use a mitre box to cut corners at corresponding 45 degree angles) test fit it, then drill holes in its side at equal distance for a secure fit using screws to secure it to the plywood.

Step 4
Get enough rubber feet pads, I got mine on ebay, about 2 inches in diameter, and placed/mounted 8 of them on the boards bottom. 3 in front, 3 in back and 2 staggerd-offset in the center-middle for stability. My board is about 17 x 31

Step 4:

Get smoothe rounded metal handles at the hardware store, drill appropriate holes and fasten from bottom of the board through the side mounted metal U-joint.

Voila, you just built the best Floor pedal board available at 1/3 the cost, to your Custom dimensions and in your custom color.

Just my 2c

I'll try to post a pic when the wife gets home, (she took the camera with her lol)

Good luck,


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