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EHX - When did they switch to cardboard boxes?

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Originally posted by KarateSchnitzel

erm ithink you'll find nearly all of them are...

especially the common ones like the muff, the small clone/stone etc



The 16 second delay I had wasn't true bypass and neither was the MicroSynth or Bass Microsynth I had. The Q Tron + filter I'm using is true bypass. I don't know what the deal is with them and all the different switching.

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I think they're all coming in cardboard these days. Both my POG and Hoax came with cardboard, and a local dealer with two Tube Zippers has an older one with the wooden box (about two years old, I'd guess), and a brand new one with cardboard. He also keeps nearly everything EHX makes in stock, and practically all the new ones have cardboad.

It would be awesome to have a giant wooden box for my Hoax. :^(

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