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Ok counter that worst vocalist thread, Your fav vocalist.


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Jimmy Gneco is great. love his song with Brian may, someone to die for.


Matt is a freak as well. contrary to popular opinion, the "breathing" you can clearly hear adds to the music. i love it.


throw in Chris Cornell, Gilmour (yes Gilmour), Freddie Mercury, Maynard, Thom Yorke, the guy from Gomez and Augie March...names escape me right now


and jeff never fails to get me

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Originally posted by mst3k

Doug Pinnick from King's X is so underated



Doug Pinnick is my favorite vocalist and biggest vocal influence.


Chris Cornell is a close second, too bad I haven't liked anything he's done since he left soundgarden.


Jeff Buckley was a genius. He did amazing things with his voice, I'm always shocked by how many people can't stand him.


I like Thom Yorke's sense of melody, and he's often really good. Sometimes he sings with such arrogance, though, I don't care for him.


Matt Bellamy on the Absolution album (the only one I have) does an amazing half Jeff Buckley-half Thom Yorke thing. Very impressive. I like him a lot.


I loved Sting with the Police.


I prefer singers who have non-traditional voices.

I took a lot of voice going through school and eventually taught it as well, and there's nothing more boring to me than someone with a "good voice" in the traditional sense. Give me someone with a lot of emotion and a distinctive sound over someone bland and perfect anyday.

I love a lot of people that folks bitch about being terrible singers. No one sings Neil Young songs as well as he does. Same with John Prine. Hendrix was a great singer that way, very emotional and interesting.


Although tuning is just as important in anything-- it's the main reason I never got into At The Drive In-- the vocals are way out of tune, I can't fathom why they would keep those tracks.



I suppose everything I've said could apply to guitar players, too. I don't care about slop unless it's distracting, but {censored} like vai or dream theather just bores me to death with its perfection. It has no life.

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Originally posted by ArrMatey

Ian Gillan is an amazing vocalist. Every time he sings Speed King and does that vocal crescendo/falseto, it gives me goose bumps!



I opening myself up to a lot of {censored}, but he was AMAZING on the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack. Mind the pun, but he was godlike on that stuff.

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I have two groups ... the melodic singers and the disonnant spoken word guys.


MS group ..


Steve Marriot

Mike Patton


Billy Idol

Jim Morrison


Pete Shelley

Nina Hagen

Grace Jones

Syd Barrett

Ian Mculloch


Diss group ...


Howard Devoto

Dave Vanian

John Lydon

Jello B

Jah Wobble

Ian Curtis

Jaz Coleman

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