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16 Second Delay broken? What do I do?

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So my 16 second delay is not functioning properly.


Although it will still record in the most basic way I can no longer adjust the time (the "fine" slider), modulation or level sliders. Moving them just does nothing. In addition the foot controller, when attached, has two lights on that cannot be turned off.


I most recently played it at a friend's house in a basement that has a history of voltage problems (the voltage is usually below 120). However, I have played it there before and had no problems.


Now, I and my electrical engineering friend have managed to fix a fair amount of my analog pedals. However, this one is out of our league.


I don't know what to do. I recently sent it in for the chip change but I have used it extensively since I got it back. The warranty is up. I can't find repair info on the EH site. I doubt any local tech could do anything to it.


One thing I considered would be if the pedal has a "hard reset" that would clear the memory of the chip. Does anyone know if it does? Other than that does anyone have any advice? It is GREATLY appreciated. I'm at a loss without one of my favorite (and most expensive) pedals. Plus, with the discontinuation they will slip back into rarity.



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