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Weekly spam thread 6-25-06

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The single ongoing spam thread was just getting too cumbersome for many users... so again, by popular request, we've switched it to a "weekly" spam thread.


I will close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".


Have fun, and I hope you can sell something you don't need, or find something you have been looking for. :)

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digitech black 13: $80 shipped. i got this from takedeepbreaths a little while ago. great pedal. i like it a lot better for direct recordings than through the amp, but it sounds good both ways. excellent cosmetic condition. includes the original box, power adapter and soft carrying case. sorry though, i lost the scott ian pick :( note that it doesnt want to work for me with a battery though, or with other power supplies (only the one that is included works). but with the power supply it works flawlessly.




paypal and US money orders accepted.


note: ns2 and bad monkey are sold

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EHX USA small stone phaser $50


Fender deluxe reverb reissue, MINT, new EH power tubes


Fender Hot rod deluxe, JJ blues tubes, reverb mods


Both amps stay in a pet free, smoke free enviroment. Covered.

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-I can't accept paypal ATM

-Trades/Partial Trades are VERY welcome!

-I'll be covering shipping.

-All prices negotiable!


This is what I have at the moment:


*Mint EHX Micro Synth with adapter, papers, and original wood box. Cool pedal, but didn't react well to my playing. - $220


*Snarling Dogs Black Dog OD; this is one of the original versions in the brushed aluminum case - $40


*Vox V847 Wah - Good shape, no leather bag. Would be good for modding. - $50


*Ibanez DE-7 Delay - Great shape, has some velcro on the back. Another pedal took it's place. Also has an adapter - $50


*Peavey Raptor Plus Body and Neck; this was going to be a project guitar, but don't have time or money at the moment. Body is finished in black, good shape but needs to be cleaned up. Neck still has tuners and only has a ding or two on the headstock. - $40


*A box of Dean Markley High Gain strings; 9 sets in the box (1 set used). I didn't care for them myself, but I'm sure someone out there could use 'em. - $25


Looking for:

*A spring reverb unit

*Frantone Peach Fuzz

*EHX Big Muff Pi


PM or E-mail me if interested! :)

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everything in sig is still here.

but as well, I have a


with box, serial # 31, will be rare soon when he starts printing the graphics instead of hand written.

what I'm looking for specifically is a fuzz factory. or a fuzz god. or a DL-4.

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Here are some recent items that I am looking to move. All function 100% and are in mint to new condition!


Paypal is a preferred payment method, but I would accept money orders. Shipping and paypal fees are included in the item price.


I will be shipping via usps priority mail.


Please email me directly mtdriskell@yahoo.com .




Digitech Jamman Looper

- Mint Condition

- Original box and paperwork

- $240.00



Jersey Girl Plusdriver Overdrive

- Mint condition

- Original box, paperwork, and bag

- $225.00



Zendrive Overdrive

- Mint condition

- Original box

- $300.00


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Holowon 2 Loop True Bypass looper. I bought this 2 1/2 months ago and just received it. My pedalboard has actually changed that much that I have no use for it. Paint job is a little rough, but hey, it's brand new. Don't wait forever for one. Here's one brand new for $60.00 shipped to Canada and CONUS. Paypal good.









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*Price Lowered*


2004 Fender American Standard Stratocaster. Cool vintage 2-tone Sunburst, optional Ash body upgrade (beautiful woodgrain). Excellent condition. One very small scuff on the back of the neck, I tried to take a picture but it is so light/small it is not visible with a 5 megapixel digital camera. Comes with Fender tweed hard shell case, tremolo, and papers.

$700. If sold this week I will ship this guitar in the U.S. on my vacation next week. Buyer pays actual shipping.


Shipping to U.S. & CAN. Paypal only.







*Price Lowered*


Menatone King of the Britains 5 knob version. Minor scuffs, velcro. $130 Shipped anywhere US & CAN

Fulltone Tone Bender, Mint w/box + papers. $130 Shipped anywhere US & CAN.



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Trades considered (boutique/high end stuff only). Paypal OK and preferred. Click on thumbnail pic for bigger version.


Zvex Seek Wah: interesting trades only




Fulltone FatBoost: like new in box with papers, $140 shipped




Keeley/Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost: excellent condition, original PTP handwired model, includes power adapter (no battery capability) $280 shipped




Even more pix: www.raptormixtape.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=501

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Rocktron Patchmate $375

Rocktron Midimate $75

Zoom Driver 5000 $80 Sold

Fender ST-1 Stage tuner $15


Prices include shipping


Looking for:


Tele body - loaded or not

Zoom UF-01 Ultra Fuzz

Dimarzio Virtual PAF neck and bridge

Dimarzio Virtual vintage Strat pups

Fender 52 RI Tele pups

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1. i've got a 3 week old mojo vibe up for sale. as could be expected, the unit is cosmetically and functionally 100%, with box and manual. email with questions. $270 shipped.


2. i've also got an fxdoctor surgeon for sale. i know his reputation around here is pretty bad, but a few months back, i sent the pedal to john cusack who, in his words essentially "rebuilt" the pedal, making sure everything was working 100% and up to par.


essentially its a volume cut and a boost in one box. so it's great for a single channel amp. set the amp for medium gain. preset the amount of volume you want rolled back and use the volume cut to clean up, and the same goes to boost and distort more.


there are 2 toggle switches, 1 for each section. the toggle for the volume cut switches between keeping the hi end when the volume is rolled back and not.


the switch on the boost side toggles between a clean boost and adding in some distortion.


any questions, let me know. thanks.


$100 shipped.

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(i prefer paypal)




vexter FF - sold to Bob Dylan (jackpotjewell)


Alesis Nanoverb w/ power supply & on/off footswitch. i used it for big Sigur Ros-like reverb & this odd sounding "non-linear" reverb. $60 shipped in the CONUS.


Line 6 DL4 w/power supply.

works perfectly, missing one little washer on the input but all jacks fit snugly - 100%.

$190 shipped in the CONUS.


Catalinbread SCP

35dB clean boost. amazing.

super-transparent. the version

after the weird dress, but before

they were painted. (has the red vinyl covering). $116 shipped in the CONUS.





Sovtek Mig 60

great condition, works perfectly.

a plexi/bassman clone. LOUD.

$400 shipped in the CONUS.


1972 Fender Twin

silverface, i have the amp cover and

original reverb/vibrato footswtich.

loud & clean. has 2x12" Carvin British

Series spkrs. in it. CLEAN.





Burns Club Series Marquee

gorgeous greenburst finish.

gold hardware.

nice black rectangle HSC.

gold straplocks.

graphtech nut & graphtech bridge saddles.

setup for use w/ .11gauge strings.

LOUD stock Burns Tri-Sonic pickups.

$500 shipped in the USA.

i can provide pictures if you're interested.





i'm really only interested in loud and

clean 2x12" Fender/Vox-ish amps.


that and a Moog MF-102 RING MOD.

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