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King of Tone Questions

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I'm thinking about changing around my overdrive setup when I get my new amp (Deluxe Reverb). My current setup sounds fine, but it is too complicated to take to the small gigs I play. There are many sounds to be had with the COT50 > Eternity > RC Booster, but not all of them are what I need. My bridge pickup sounds are great, but for blues I need to play with the neck pickup and these pedals don't give me the sounds I'm looking for.


Anyway, I was looking at the King of Tone. I like to have at least two overdrives, because I play low volume gigs. If i got a Version 4, I could set one side to overdrive and one to clean and work with that.


Two more questions..


What is the current "value" of the King of Tone? I see the one on ebay and I'm certainly not paying that. However I'd be willing to do a trade like.. both of the Lovepedals for the KOT. Would that be fair?


Anyone have any sound clips? I'd like to get the general flavor of it. Supposedly it's based on a cranked DR, but I need to know more than that. If there are soundclips on Analogman's site that I'm missing, let me know.



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