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The Thingamas are really just simple, analog type synthesizers, the main oscillator in the Thingamas is controlled by a photocell. Just like any analog synthesizer, the thing-a-ma-s have a square wave modulator. The modulator's frequency is controlled by the knob and the type of modulation is selected by the switch on the right. The LEDacle is a modulator too but instead adjusting knobs and switches to change how it interacts with the main oscillator, you physically move it around to effect the sound. The light from the LEDacle can be pointed at the photocell to rhytmically change the pitch. Not only can you use the speaker inside the Thingamas to listen to crazy beeping nonsense, you can also use the 1/4inch ouput jack to plug it up to all kinds of things. Plug it into some guitar effects and an amp for some indescribable electronic madness.

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