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LiKE i NeED Mo' pEDaLz!


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I don't know why I keep getting more and more. It's like all I got to live for is the crap I buy on eBay. In the past 2 weeks I got an Alesis Bitrman, Ibanez LF7, and a Little Big Muff. I'm still searching for a Lovetone Ring Stinger and now I sort of want a Verbzilla.


The thing is I've already got the following:


Line6 DM4, FM4, DL4


Analogman Mini Bi-Comp, Bi-Chorus, DS-1 Pro/Mod


Digitech JamMan, DigiVerb, SynthWah, Multi Chorus, Main Squeeze


Electro-Harmonix Small Clone, Poly-Chorus, Electric Mistress, Holiest Grail, Frequency Analyzer


Effector 13 No-Fi (Yellow)


FoxRox TZF Paradox Flanger


Ibanez AD9


Roland GR-33


Vox volume pedal


The sad thing is I mostly only ever use the DL4 and some chorus haha. :freak:




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