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re-tubed the AC30cc2x...

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1st up.....


what a pain in the ass.


the past couple practices, i found my amp makin really strange noises. electrical sounds......etc. i knew it was time to change.


the screws weren't too bad to remove. nothing stripped, didn't tear the tolex.


getting the chassis out was a pain.


we had to de-solder the red white speaker leads.....luckily managed to avoid the blk/yellow ones.

if my friends weren't there to hold the chassis, i would have had to remove all the leads.


anyways....i pulled the 3 chinese tubes out.


i found it semi difficult to get tubes back into the 12ax7 slots.

got'm.....but it was a bit of a struggle.


v1: gt mullard RI

v2: gt mullard ri

v3: tung sol


put everything back together, turned it on......sounded great.



i believe that in the newer ac30cc's, they either gave longer speaker leads, or they added disconnects.


i was pretty shocked that they didn't think that one through, initially. it made a 2 minute process a full 1/2 hour.

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i wanted to add.....




i grabbed a few spare tubes i have layin around......


a few gt12ax7M's


all 3, brand new, in box, never used.


2 were perfect.


but on the other one.........



where it normally has the silver lining up at the top of the tube.....it is all white. and flaky....


the tube is now filled w/ little white flakes, all over the place.



they were stored in a tupperware drawer. about a dozen tubes were in there, only that one had issues.



{censored}ed up.

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