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ZOOM 505 HELP!!! burned resistor!


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Hey all you good people! can anyone please help me?? you'll be saving a poor student somethin like 50 bucks minimum!


I have a zoom 505 guitar effects processor (zoom 505 not 505 II!) and some resistor in it got burned and it stopped working.. now the problem is i don't know what the resistance of it is cuz it's burned out completely and the colored strips on it got deleted!


i know it's too much to ask,, but can anyone please check which reistor it is for me? that way i'll be able to fix it for 10 cents instead of 50$!


the resistor i'm talking about is the resistor right next to the power input.. it's number is R18. so can u please tell me what the resistance of it is, or just the colors on it and i'll figure it out myself!

thanx so so so so so much!

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Originally posted by Bshara






have you used that adaptor before with no problems?



the reason I ask is you may have hooked up an adaptor that has center positive polarity when the pedal needs a center-negative adaptor


but if is is a center neg than Im not sure what the problem is. ive gotten the polarity backwards on pedals before just for a few seconds and nothing bad happened.



anyway good luck and like mentioned you could probably find one pretty cheap used. if I had one id just mail it to ya ;)


I was using the 606 for vocals at home to practice but my niece snagged it one day and wont give it back!

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