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roland u220 reset?

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i recently had my u220 battery go dead(after maybe 15 years!) so i repalaced

it but all the info was turned to unintelligible gobbledygook. i downloaded

what was being called the u220 factory preset sound files that turned out to

be a midi file. i hooked it up via midi and tried running the file but there

was no response. i then downloaded the manual off rolandus.com and followed

the steps to initializing it back to original parameters. the display is

still unreadable but i played the demo and it seems like the sounds are

there. i haven't tested it through a midi sequence yet but even if the

sounds are there, how do i get the info back so i can use the module and

know what the names of the sounds are? i read on some other posts that it's possible to download the factory presets online. anyone know where?

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actually i just found this:




'I just recently acquired Roland U220 synth and it is great PCM synth. I replaced the lithium battery and had to re-initalize the state of the unit, which is not in the instruction manual. This will get rid of the chinese and strange other characters in the LCD display. To do a factory reset perform the following:

1. Memory press Jump and value up arrow

2. enter ROM play mode

3. hold mark and jump press enter

4. hold mark press part inst right arrow

5. press enter

6. press value

7. hold mark & jump & press exit

Then grab the following sysex file and load it to U220 only if you want to restore the original factory settings. You may want to do a sysex dump via your midi program and save your existing data before doing this. ROLAND'S Library and patch page. The file worked fine here and the steps to load the patches restored my unit's settings exactly. I run version 1.02 of the firmware here.'








But you still need that sysex file.

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