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OT:ass appreciation thread


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I have a ass air freshner hanging in my car. Seriously. And sometimes, when Im lonely, I sing ass this little song-


ass, ass, ass

Im makin a move on yoooouuuuuu



On the 8th day, god made ass, and it was crispy.


Id like to make a ass cape and fly around being Captain Ass, all the while handing out crispy strips to all the girls and boys. Maybe a ass Santa Clause and you all could leave plates of eggs out for me. Mmmmm. Ass. Yeah, go there with me... Mmmmmm.... Ass. Theres a reason they sell it by the pound... A 1/2 pound just wouldn't be enough. Plus I can barely get the roof of my ass house done with a pound. Yeah, the doors are made of toast and the floor is hashbrowns, but it is NOTHING without its ass roof. The ass grease keeps it all together. Oh yeah ass. Underrated yet obvious without being pretentious. Playful and full of life, a zeal of unabashed flavor... ass. Don't let your life be ass free, thats just cruel. culo. Yeah, culo.


2007- the year of tEh aSs!

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