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Boss Blues Driver and Mi Audio Blues Pro


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Originally posted by Bloo

yes it cleans up nicely.

but it is tubescreamer based circuit so it sound nothing like the Blues Driver, i had both at some point.

they are both awesome OD's


Thanks for the info.

I am looking for a really nice low to mid gain pedal as I already have the Crunch Box.

I like the Blues Driver but there are things that I don't like about it.

I have been interested in the Blues Pro for a long time.

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i think you'll be happy with the Blues Pro, if its a low-mid gain OD.


the Blues Driver range of gain is amazing, covers all grounds from low to high. but in its stock form, the Tone knob is not very useful, that's why i got the Keeley mod done to mine.


for what you're looking for the BP seems like a perfect fit.

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