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Bottom Line Between The Two


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Hi all,


I own a reissued TS808. I love the thing but I'm getting that damned itch to some how get it "improved". I dig the tone as it is, I suppose, but I always think that there is something to that saying that the older models are better.


Obviously that maybe true cause of the older or aging parts and such. Analog Man say that the new 808s' are pretty close to one of his mods but still suggests a "True Vintage", mod which the description sounds pretty good, but is it necessary? Loads of people claim that the "Silver Mod" from Analog Man is the way to go for new TSs'. It's all a matter of preference, I know.


Then there's Keeley. He's descriptions strike me as he really give the TSs' a kick in the ass with more gain, less bass reduction, etc... Isn't the true nature of the TSs' to sound lightly overdriven with that, sometimes, annoying mid-hump and bass loss though?


Sometimes I'd like my 808 to have less of that mid-hump but I don't want to lose the character of the effect. And sure, I'd like more of a vintage tone from my new version, but if it somewhat has it already is there any point? What is the "vintage tone" anyway? Some say it's the old JRC chip. Then other say it's the carbon filters. It's prolly both but I don't know.


If anyone can help me see a clear example of what's the real vintage sound of an 808 and help guide me to where to send my pedal to AM or Keeley to get that sound I'd appreciate it.


Thanks in advance.

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