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Nano muff vs Lil Big Muff vs Black Russian Big Muff


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Alright guys.


I'm buying me first fuzz, and have nowhere around where I can try them. I love Jack White's sound with the white stripes, and am trying to find a fuzz to match that in the lower-priced bracket aka 0-60$


I love big muff sounds, too. What's the difference between the little big muff, nano muff, and russian muff?


Any help?



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I just bought my first fuzz last saturday, it was a Little Big Muff.


I know that the Nano is more of an overdrive than a fuzz (It's called Muff Overdrive), and that the Little Big Muff is almost identical in sound as the original.


I don't know the differences between Russian or American Big Muffs, sorry.


FWIW, the LBM sounds excellent with humbuckers and single coils. It has very useable sounds throughout the spectrum of its controls.


I'm sure the guys here are going to recommend you other fuzzes, many of them worth investigating IMO.


Take your time, and try to play through as many as you can (and for as long as you can) before buying one. It took me about 10 mins of playing through the LBM to like it.

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