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Check out my new pedal!


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My first purch of 2007...


I think I found a real gem here!! Snarling Dogs Blue Bawls wah, they run about $130 but I got it for $79 at MF.


First, it's pretty big and hefty and is built like a tank!! It does three different kinds of wah (switch selectable), and also has built in overdrive, so it's like 2 in 1. The lights on the dogs eyes indicate what you have selected. May seem tacky but it actually works really well.


Here's a shot with the eyes lit:



Here's a shot next to a Strat to give you an idea of the size:



Sounds really great!! I'm not a wah expert by any means, but it sounds like I expected/hoped it would. The OD is surprisingly good too.

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The three types are:

"White Room - rich, bassy, creamy wah" (Clapton)
"Voo Doo - midrange crunch wah" (Hendrix)
"Shaft - the classic waka-chu wah sound"

The Shaft one isn't me. I've been going back and forth between the other two. They nailed the tones pretty good.

Yeah, it matches me Strat too. :cool:

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