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Sei's 2007 contest #1. Enter to win a JAPAN-ed. import "RIDE - LIVE AT THE BBC"


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**Please NOTE: Im going to let this contest run 24 hours. Please dont ask me for the results before then, m'kay?


Ride live at different parts of their careers. Effects, strumming, and dead can dance and pale saints covers, too. Good stuff. Alot of chorus on the rics, too!


you know the dealy. guess the number between 0-500. Guess or be close enough to it and Ill mail it to you.


and yes, if you're curious, I did say contest number one. theyll be more...




hey, check out my music while you vote..SO YOUNG


and heres my first release from 1995. Its really in the vein of Ride and the Manchester lot (although ride are from Oxford)


and heres the large breasted japanese women ive been getting so many emails about. im not saying anything. SEIFUKUSHA PRESENTS BLISSSOUNDS!!!!

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