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Metal Zone Diezel mods


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hey all.


i too am apart of the extremely anti-metal zone and general boss haters coalition, however, i've seen some mods i found interesting.


There are 2 different modders i've found through ebay that do what they call a slo-diezel mod on the metal zone.


one guy is in indy, his websight is indyguitarist.com. i've checked it out and listened to some sound clips. i like what i hear, but i'm just wondering if anybody has actually tried this mod or owns one of these modded MZ's.


also, i found on ebay a company/person out of Nebraska who does a slo-diezel mod on a metal zone. however, to buy the pedal it's like 120 bucks. i don't really wanna fork over that kind of cash without having some feedback on the pedal.


So has anybody owned, tried, or experimented with modded Metal Zones with any form of Diezel or Bogner mod on them. Obviously i don't think it will ever sound just like a real boutique amp will, but i thought maybe somebody out there could verify that it actuall makes these pedals not sound like a bucket of bees and crushing, grinding glass in a box.



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