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Any BOSS DS-2 users here?


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Thanks for responding. Waiting for others to join in... I think this is what Frusciante's using, isn't it?


Plus: MXR Micro amp, Big Muff (in Calgary, possibly all of Canada, it was a Foxx Fuzz/wah/volume. His muff crapped out during a show in Paris in June, so he may have switched then), and possible another dirt pedal that I don't know about.

Also has 7 moogs (murf, bass murf, ring mod, 3 lo-pass filters, phaser), 2 moog control processors, EH Electric Mistress, Line6 DL4 and FM4, Roland CE-1 Chorus ensemble, EH holy grail, two Digitech PDS 1002s (i think), an old plastic Ibanez wah from the 80s, and two other pedals I haven't identified. There's a really good picture on the interweb somewhere.

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