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well i am at the end of my rope. reccomend me a pedal.


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nope it is the all tube 40 watt with a 10 inch speaker and new tubes.

A new speaker to upgrade your tones sounds like the best bet to me. Better cleans, better crunch, and better projection would be a good cause to throw a couple of hundred at, that in and of itself could ameliorate your desire for a Pro. Jr for your cleans.

I would recommend a Webber or Alnico Fane in that price range. Or you could by a new Eminence or Celestion and have money left over for a decent trem, or a really nice one used of of fleabay, Craig's list, or HC Classifieds. Finally you could look for the speaker used and have the money to pick up two or three good used pedals.

Peace, and happy hunting. :thu:

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I gotta feel your pain...
Man, go on Ebay and get a Roland GP-16. (probably about $150.00).
It's a multi-effect guitar processor that has pretty much all effects for guitar that there are.
The Wah and flanger are weak, but don't worry... I'm telling you that you won't be sorry!
I have been using one for 15 or so years, and I can help you here.
I've been playing 30 years.
Go ahead, do it.

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