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mike ezigner's gear


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Incubus will be at my favorite venue, the Tabernacle in Atlanta tomorrow night...but I will not...


yea that would be an amazing show..


i'd love to talk gear with Mike.. i think that would be pretty damn interesting..

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His pre-vox gear:


-Paul Reed Smith Guitars

-Jerry Jones Electric Sitars

-Mesa TremoVerb Amps

-Mesa Rectifier Cabinets

-Hughes&Kettner Rotosphere

-BOSS Delay/Reverb Pedal

-BOSS Compression Sustainer pedal

-BOSS BF-2 Flanger Pedal

-2 BOSS PH-2 Super Phaser Pedals

-MXR phase 90 pedal

-DOD FX13 Gonkulator Modulators

-DOD Envelope Filter

-Korg Rack Tuner

-Shure Wireless

-Dunlop Tortex Picks

-Earnie Ball Strings

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