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Delay to take over for h2o?


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I've got, works well but is very one dimensional. Not many different sounds, and its pretty subtle. I'd do a diy, but the byoc is only 300ms, I want something that'll do 600-800 ms.


What are my options in the price range ($90ish)?


Should I suck it up and get a dmm (I like the look/sound, but they're big) or dd20 (may have too many options there, buttons and knobs scare me).


Had the dl4, was meh. Had an ibanez ad9 but was too short and the one I had was finicky (old one).


Everyone's all for the cheap ibanez one, I may check that out (or 2).

The nobels one looks cool, but don't know much about it.

Sell me something here people.

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