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DigiTech JamMan vs. Transcribe! 7?

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Guest Anonymous

Hello All,


What is your preference for a transcription tool? Do you prefer the dedicated hardware route via a 'standalone' looper/sampler such as DigiTech's JamMan?


Or, do you favor the flexibility of a software-driven experience such as Transcribe! 7 by Seventh String Music?


One consideration is portability. I'd like to sit in the living room with my family occasionally rather than always isolate myself in a practice area.


I own a MacBook Intel Core Duo but started thinking, "I'm now gonna need an interface of some sort (Stealth Plug, MOTU, RME), a footswitch, and so on." It started adding up budget-wise.


Maybe I am better off with a JamMan or Loop Station?


I am so confoozled. :freak:


P.S. - I had a Tascam GT-1 MK I and didn't like it much. Also, I'm not so interested in doing Frippertronix. Gibbbytronix? ... maybe!! :D

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