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Any Pedal Steel Players?


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I've been playing off and on for about 11 years.

I started with a Sho-Bud starter model, but it only had two foot pedals and one knee lever - can't do much with that.

I bought a Carter Starter in 2002. It's a 10-string in E9 tuning. It's not a bad unit, but they really cut corners on some components to keep the cost down.
In hindsight, I wish I had picked up a vintage fender or a sho-bud with more options.

They are difficult to play. I've managed to pick up some rudimentary honky tonk licks, and I've gigged with a country band and recorded steel parts for two different bands in town.

It's one of those instruments you'd have to play every day to be a passable player. I get far too busy with playing guitar, and I go for long periods without playing. It's a bummer. But when the call comes and someone asks for some steel, some quick woodshedding will get me in good enough shape.

I have NO speed. No chicken pickin here. I'm actually more interested in the Ralph Mooney/Jimmy Day style - soulful, reverb soaked, swooping steel.

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