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So for the most part I play pretty low-gain indieish (not sure what that term means) using the TS>Clean Fender amp combo and I'm having some trouble with my PRS (don't knock it man...). I really love the way it feels and plays and sounds unplugged, but through my setup (I bet it has Dragon II's) it sounds very honky and muddy. I tend to use neck pickup more anyways, and right now using the neck pickup my settings on a Pro Reverb are: Bright switch on, treble 10, bass 1.


I use a lot of jazzy chords and want something that'll sound much more clear and complex and balenced. I've been using a GE-7 to clean up the sound a bit but that really doesn't do the guitar justice when it sounds and feels so awesome. What do you guys reccomend? Would a Duncan Jazz pickup be a step in the right direction? I love Tele tones too and want something more that's going to be a bit lower output and clear without being fizzy and thin...

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