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Boss DD-20 Stereo Output


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Hi guys,

I play guitar and bass in my band and have been using the DD-20 to loop my bass. I recently tried to use the stereo function of the delay, but it didn't really work the way I was hoping. I want to run my guitar to one of the inputs, and have my guitar amp hooked up to the corresponding output, and the same thing for my bass and bass amp. So I thought that using Output Setting 1 would only put my guitar sounds to my guitar amp and my bass sounds to my bass amp, but from what I can tell, if I have amps plugged into both outputs, any input signal causes the effect to at least somewhat to go to both outs. I really don't want any bass signal to go to my guitar amp at least. Is there something wrong with my DD-20 or is this just the way it works? I'd really like to be able to play delayed guitar over my looped bass...Thanks!

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