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to the guy with the 'cheezburger' cat avatar...


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Still, funny for a Russian company to name their catfood 'Happy Cat'.


When I was in Benidorm, Spain in 2001, there was this small supermarket, where they sold a catfood named 'Cat Chow'. Me and my friends were laughing our asses off in that store, because we always make 'ebonic slang' jokes. (like :" 'sup homey? Wanna grab some chow? fo' sho?" )





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I grabbed it when Inscho posted it in one of #16's threads, I think.

It think it's definitely one of the cutest/funniest cat pics out there.

Indeed it is!


I got the 'I can has a cheezburger?' line now in my MSN name.


This one was pretty f-in' awesome too:



And this might be Cheezburger Cat too:


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