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Effect pedal colors/type?


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Do you equate any specific effect types with certain colors? If you were to build a "____" what is the first color that comes to mind?


Because of the Phase 90 and Small Stone, when I think phaser I immediately think orange. Isn't one edition of the psylocibe orange too? For chorus I think of that light blue/green color, both from the underwater sounds of the maxxed out chorus pedal and the CE-2. Everything else isup in the air for me, maybe pink/purple for analog delay because of the DMs and Ibanez/Maxons...

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Phase = Orange (Phase 90)

OD = Yellow (BOSS SD-1, MXR Distortion+

Fuzz = Red (Keeley, Fuzz Face, Fulltone, Muff)

Wah = Black (Vox or Crybaby)

Chorus = Blue (BOSS CE series)

Delay = Purple (AD9, BOSS DM2)


almost what I have in mind.


but Fuzz=grey or purple.

chorus=green/blue (thus also seagreen, turquoise)

delay=pinkish (DM-2 and AD9 weren't purple, but burgundy/pink).

red=compressor! (Dyna Comp, CP9,etc)

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