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What's the best multi-effect?


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The one that sounds like you want it to.


Edit: I'm partial to the Zoom units, personally, because they have some very good effects, very good amp models, an intuitive - though somewhat barebones, compared to the competition - cab and mic simulator, and good control interface. Their main weakness is in the difficulty of editing patches. It's a bit easier with the higher end ones, as long as you have a midi interface, since you get access to the computer patch editor. Still, it is somewhat barebones compared to the good Digitech patch editor interface and the awesome Pod one. Zoom's higher gain sounds are better than the Pod's or Digitech's, in my opinion, and they respond better to playing dynamics and guitar volume changes as well.


As far as effects, the Boss GT-8 and up can't be beat. Their effects are awesome, best in the floor-based MFX business as far as I can tell. However, their amps suck - very fizzy.


Digitech's new units have come a long way from their old ones but I don't like how they sound very much at all. They apparently have a good rhythm machine, though, so that's a plus.


I haven't used the Vox Tonelab but I've heard nothing but good things about the amp models. Barebones on the effects.

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