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Noise/Hiss, Echo Park and the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power


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I bought a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 today and it's really impressed me. :) Thought I'd come on and give my observations.


I was using a multi-output power supply before (a no-name thing), but it was always a bit noisy and unreliable. With that one I had to be quite careful with the order of effects or I got hum, and I needed a separate wall-wart for my Echo Park. It finally bit the dust so I upgraded.


I'm running:

TU2->Crybaby->Small Stone->Zoom PD01-> MarshallDSL50

FX loop->BossPS3->Fish'nChipsEQ for solo boost->Echo Park


The PP2 is totally quiet. I can't tell the difference between it and batteries for noise. Much better than the old things. And it powers my Echo Park, no problems. So all good :thu:


But, while listening for hiss and hum I really paid attention to my Echo Park for the first time. It really makes a lot of hiss. And to start with it hissed all the time, wether I had the pedal on or off... It turns out that the "trails" function means that it hisses all the time. With that turned off it only hisses when engaged.


Do other peoples'S Echo Parks do this?

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