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my latest e-mail....

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can anyone tell me what this e-mail means?




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it's a new kind - "flarf"


there's usually some kind of image to go along with it, usually describing stocks or viagra or cialis or some {censored}.


Here's some I got today:


They will transmit data to satellites whenever the shark's fin breaks the surface of the water. Ook deze categorie produkten wordt uitgebreid besproken. Beach Party: Beauty And Brains PageantBeach PartyThe beach for you, whether you like sunbathing or swimming, sailing or scuba. With the new service being offered to anyone with an edu.

To read the original press release click HERESource: www.

They will transmit data to satellites whenever the shark's fin breaks the surface of the water. Toch doemen er meer en meer kritische geluiden op bij het ontwikkelen van deze browsergebaseerde toepassingen. Wie zijn de belangrijkste portalleveranciers? Karakteristiek voor een SOA is het gebruik van internationale standaarden en een zeer loosely coupled manier van integreren.

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Yeah, I get those, they just e-mail a {censored}load of random sentances and statements, god knows who actually gets fooled by that nonsense...I guess they just hope that enough people see something in the subject line that looks like it might be something they're interested in and open it. :freak:

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:eek: :eek:
or animal? It has none. Nor can the species or the genus have a be more truly time than another. Nor is there any other kind of intermediate between these contraries may very well be present in way, he would explain the size of a white object in terms of

those who are disposed in some specific way have not in all cases rather is said to be affected. Such conditions are therefore termed, have no common boundary, but are separate; the parts three and seven boat cannot be said to find its explanation in the word rudder. As

Quantity is either discrete or continuous. Moreover, some quantities greater or less degree. Thus action and affection also admit of the individual or the species. It is true that, inasmuch as primary particular attitudes, but attitude is itself a relative term. To

one and of the other. It is only in a few cases, however, that we There are some cases, however, in which, as the quality under stated as haphazard and not accurately, the two are not found to be which they join. For example: two fives make ten, but the two fives

The qualities expressed by the terms triangular and quadrangular neither of the aforesaid statements holds good. For it is not thing takes place. It is by themselves changing that substances them, not only if they originate in natural constitution, but also

are such that each part of the whole has a relative position to the in virtue of the fact that they are the entities which underlie every. the contrary quality comes to be theirs. The statement he is sitting him and the slave will remain the same, for it is of a master that a

to the individuals. But it was stated above that the word univocal head is not defined as a particular hand or head of a particular kind, the former less. Thus there is a reference here to an external Socrates is not ill, is true, and the other false. This is

But the perceptible surely exists before perception; for fire and but that it should be either in the one state or in the other. Yet hall; by half, the half of its double; by greater, greater than be withdrawn from the bird, the wing will no longer be relative;

Rarity and density, roughness and smoothness, seem to be terms terms applied to them, indeed can all those kinds of quantity that that possess them are themselves said to be such and such by reason of any one should render an account of what a primary substance is, he

characteristic. All conditions, therefore, of this kind, if caused included in the species man, and the genus to which the species But where one genus is subordinate to another, there is nothing to

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:mad: :mad:
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more? :

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United you, can join word in second life.


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in ephemeral, the former is permanent and difficult to alter. Those conditions, however, which arise from causes which may things cannot be reversed, then that one on which the other depends is necessarily that two exists: thus the sequence subsisting cannot

negation, that the rule holds good, that one of the pair must be may exhibit a quality in a greater degree than it did before: if a only time, but space also, is a continuous quantity, for its parts one thing in a greater or less degree than of another. This is also

that a bird is a bird by reason of its wings. The reason is that the relative position to each other, for each lies somewhere, and it would term small, nor much of little. And even though a man should each to each, or of parts which do not. The parts of a line bear a

in the reverse direction. For a thing is altered when change of not have a head qua animal, since many animals have no head. it seems that in defining contraries of every kind men have recourse of nature, which, belonging to the same genus, are distinguished

Again, perception is generated at the same time as the perceiving three than what is five is five; nor is one set of three more place in themselves, these cannot be said to be capable of admitting on. But in the case of alteration it may be argued that the process

It is possible for relatives to have contraries. Thus virtue has a the constitution of every appropriate subject. For when a thing has alteration. The square, for instance, if a gnomon is applied to it, character and difficult to displace, unless some great mental upheaval

It is plain that contrary attributes must needs be present in simultaneous in point of time. Those things, again, are simultaneous contrary to themselves. For it happens at times that the same thing is such as justice, self-restraint, and so on, are not easily dislodged

negation belong manifestly to a class which is distinct, for in this or one particular quality, such as whiteness, is by no means son with another; for the mountain claims this attribute by comparison annihilated, for the body is a perceptible thing; and if the body does

disposition, but in virtue of his inborn capacity or incapacity to be withdrawn from the bird, the wing will no longer be relative; change in both directions is impossible.


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