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New week- Whats coming home or in the mail


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Just received:

Digidelay (my first ever digital delay, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I LOVE it... could use a longer looper than just 4 seconds though)

Epiphone Limited Edition Reissue 1957 Les Paul Jr. with P-100 in TV Yellow
(Awesome for $300, but needs new bridge and nut badly)

Set of 6 nut files - already made my bass much better to play!

So, coming this week:

Hipshot Baby Grand black wraparound bridge
Black Earvana nut
Clear yellow knobs to replace the poorly matched amber ones on the Epi

I will post pics of the new guitar when I'm done modding it!

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Big week. Not only did I just get $80 back from MF for a baritone that I bought last month that ended up at the stupid deal of the day (sweet!) But I'm waition on these:

bass flight casedocument?cpd=0OEY&doc_id=99371&g=guitar&' alt='>'>

to go with this:


and this:


oh, and this too:


and some drum cases.

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