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Selling advice required


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Hello all - I could do with your help. Before anyone screams SPAM at me, I'm after some advice first before I sell - when the time comes to sell, I'll list the guitar here for a few days first to give everyone a chance. ANYHOW, here's my quandary:


I've got a 2005 MIJ Tokai SG70 in walnut - an SG copy with a two piece mahogany body, every bit as good as people always say the MIJ Tokais are. It's a great guitar, and I'm often banging on on here and elsewhere about how great the neck is. However, with the various builds I've got in progress, and needing a baritone guitar, it's got to go. My question is this: I've fitted GFS Dream 90s instead of the humbuckers (I'm a single coil kind of guy). Should I:


A) Return it to stock and sell it with the humbuckers

B) Leave the Dream 90s in and sell it with the humbuckers in the case

C) Leave it up to the buyer which p'ups they want fitted?


Any other options? My gut feeling is to sell it with the humbuckers in, but I'd appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

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