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Please Help, effects pedal board setup!


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i'm trying to put together my pedal board, and am having some serious questions on layout. can anyone help here. this is what i've planned:

(boss pedals)


Guitar --> Chrom.Tuner --> Noise Suppressor (guitar input)


then, from Noise Suppressor (effects loop out) --> crybaby wah --> DOD volume/wah --> metal zone --> pitch shifter --> flanger --> compression/sustainer --> Noise Supp. (effects loop input)


then from Noise Suppressor output --> Delay --> Amp :confused:


i think this makes the most sense, but running my Metal Zone into my Delay sounds like Sh*t.com; i'm using my amp's distortion with delay effects. the entire effects setup is run thru the internal loop within the amp (back of amp). any opinions greatly appreciated. :confused::thu:

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