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Anybody use an amp shield on stage?

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I'm Looking for a way to block the direct flow of sound from my amp. I was walking around off stage, and my amp has to be killing the people sitting in its line of sight. There's no way to put it in front of me, and I don't want to point it up at me either. I can have one of those plexiglass amp shields built for free if I want it. Has anybody used one with good results?

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I've done a number of things....

A) Face the amp backwards

B) Face it sideways across the stage

C) Face it towards a wall, surround with foam

D) put it in a back room

Buy a lower wattage amp....

yep i've done all those and I agree, a lower wattage amp is the way to go. get one suited to the stages you play, put it on a stand or tilit it back, enjoy.

the shield thing is a good idea, I tried it for a few years, but a smaller amp was a better idea!


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Didn't SRV do this?

Either way, a smaller amp would be better.

What amp are you using anyway?




A 15 watt 1x12 Ampeg most of the time. I'm just about keeping the volume as low as it can go. For whatever reason, I have no volume at all until it's just under 2. I just started running my Classic 20 (15 watts) "stack" with it for a fuller sound.


I'm playing in a church, so I have to keep it somewhat nice looking up there. The guitar case thing isn't going to work.


The way our stage is laid out would make it very hard to turn it sideways at me. No room to walk, plus it would be blaring the other people on stage away.


At this point, I'm seriously considering the Beam Blockers. I haven't had any complaints from the people sitting there, but it has to be hurting. It's probably not so much sheer volume as it is the high end frequencies.. it's still pretty loud, though. I have a guy who will make the shield for me, but I don't want to waste his business' time and money if it's not going to work for me.

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