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Vid clips of my band playing on a TV/Radio show this week.


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I dig.

Chout - are you the guy in the hat? If so, I'm getting a strong Andy Partridge vibe from your singing - are you a fan..?



Thanks for checking us out everybody. I'm gonna post the entire show soon.


I'm the longhair in the green shirt. I do like XTC though!


We haven't found a drummer that has clicked, and really having a drum machine has not hindered us at all - we get lost of gigs, just got back from one actually. I actually feel spoiled having them, since we tell 'em exactly what to do. We'd have to find a real kickass drummer to replace it.


For fuzz I use a Deluxe Big Muff (see avatar) and Alex uses a RI Big Muff. For chorus we both use Small Clones. The flange is a BF-3 on the most subtle setting which is still pretty unsubtle. The looping at the end of chunkin' is my DD-20.


And yes, it is a Big Black reference - just a dumb name that stuck, but we aren't that influenced by them - the drum machines kinda make it seem more than it is.

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