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Sparkle Drive vs. Fulltone OCD?

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completely different.

I found the ocd to be very thick sounding, and had a mean bite to it, plenty of gain on tap.

The sparkle drive is MUCH cleaner, less bass, and much smoother also.



Okay, I have a Sparkle Drive now, and I love it. I use it basically as a pre-amp on most songs. However, SOME songs need more gain than the Sparkle Drive provides. For those songs I have been using a Mesa Boogie V-Twin pedal , but I don't really like it that much in live situations. I am trying to find something that will give me more gain than the Sparkle Drive but hopefully still keep the sound of the guitar like the Sparkle Drive does, and tame down when I back off the volume, which the Mesa does not do very well. Would the OCD do that?

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