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Black/gold memory lane


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i think i read at TGP the Diamond is making changes to make the self oscillation better.



I heard this too, so I shot Diamond Pedals an email about it. Here's what they had to say in return:



Hi! The mods that are planned are for an expression pedal that allows a more 'controlled' runaway oscillation sound. Similar results can be achieved as well by placing a Boss EQ pedal along with a volume pedal in the feedback expression loop, and pulling the 1.6 kHz and higher bands on the EQ down a few dB. The lower 9V rails of the Boss EQ also help to limit the oscillation volume. We were able to get pretty close to a DM2 oscillation sound with the EQ/volume pedal setup. The planned expression pedal mods will be unique in that for levels below oscillation, the feedback signal frequency response will remain relatively flat, and will only really clamp down on the signal bandwidth once in feedback territory. This will hopefully allow the best of both worlds - standard Memory Lane tones when not in oscillation, 'space-ship' kinds of tones in oscillation.


Michael Knappe

Diamond Pedals



The pukey oscillation is the ONLY thing keeping me from owning a Memory Lane. If it gets fixed, I'm buying two.

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