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What's a good phaser for light phasing

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the phase 90 is pretty light, compared to lets say a small stone or a polyphase

this is a slippery slope man, i personally think the new MXR phase90s totally take over your sound. now, i bet if you go with a BYOC script or a vintage one, then it would be a little more transparent.

but you are right, its slightly less "thick" than a small stone, but it still envelopes your tone pretty harshly.

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after having a blue led fitted, i'm very happy with my DOD 201 phasor. the internal trim pot is good for tweaking the depth.. it can get very subtle (barely noticable until you up the rate), or quite 'swallowey' like a phase 90.

i have mine set just off the deepest setting so the slow rate sweeps without sounding like it's too much.

i'm suprised i bought a 2 stage phaser, but after having a PH-3, small stones, and trying MXR's and anything else mainstream, the 2 stage phasing just sounds so natural and can be used far more subtley. i'm well chuffed i got it.

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