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Weekly spam thread 3-5-07

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I am looking to trade a Digitech XP-300 Space Station and am more than happy to ship to the US.



I am after a high-end tremolo...Ideally a direct trade for a Zvex Tremorama.

If not though, a trade plus cash (from your side) for a Empress Tremolo, Pentavocal Tremolo or Catalinbread Semaphore would be most agreeable!

It's in decent (but not mint) condition with some scratches.

Now opening this up to consider all trade and cash offers before I stick it on Ebay...

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Ibanez LF-7

It's a really neat pedal but I will never use it. Analog low and high pass filters. You can emulate radio broadcast and megaphone type sounds with it. It's got three modes: voice, drums and guitar. $50 shipped






I got this today to check it out, and possibly use for my RC50 and Behringer mixer. Well, the night ended up in me never letting it leave the box and having my dad (after lecturing me to try to get me to just sell my pedals and get a rack processor) loan me money for 2 Pedaltrain Pro's! I paid $99 bucks for this and $10 of UPS ground shipping. I wanna flip it for however much I got it for, but UPS and USPS will likely charge me more to ship this since the authorized dealer I got it from ships in bulk and probably gets a better price to ship. Lets say $120 shipped! It's on FeeBay but I will take it down for someone here. THEY RETAIL FOR $165.95!!!





Behringer Digital Reverb DR100

Brand new, MINT, out of the box for about an hour as I write this. I bought it new from a dealer. Not the kind of reverb I was looking for. I paid $24.99 + $8 shipping for it. I'll give it up on here for $30 shipped.





I want to trade this stuff for/toward a Ringtone or a Boss DC-2 (NOT A DC-3!) or money. But feel free to bribe me. :D

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Line 6 Pod XT Live. FX, Collectors Classic and Metal Shop model packs installed. In great shape, works perfectly. Only flaw is the shaft on the Presence knob got bent by airport inspectors, but it still works ok. I do all my editing on the pc, so it

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